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What is Hfc125?

HFC-125 gas is pentafluoroethane, with the chemical formula CF₃CHF₂. It is currently used as a refrigerant and also employed in fire suppression systems as an extinguishing agent. Pentafluoroethane does not deplete the ozone layer, hence it has replaced earlier fluorinated chemicals.

Where is HFC-125 used?

HFC-125 Extinguishing Systems can be used in all fire classes except class D. It is effective in class A fires involving coal, wood, cellulose, plastics, textiles, and rubber; class B fires involving glue, asphalt, acetone, paraffin, alcohol, thinner, paint, varnish, lubricating oil, fuel oil, diesel and gasoline; class C fires involving natural gas, LPG, acetylene, hydrogen, and methane; and class E fires that are electrical in nature.

Physical Properties of HFC-125:

Chemical name: CF3CHF2
Chemical formula: Pentafluoroethane
Molecular weight: 120.02
Boiling point: -48.45 ºC
Critical temperature: 66.05 ºC
Critical pressure: 3592 kPa
Vapor pressure at 21 ºC: 1244 kPa
Vapor density at 25 ºC (Air = 1): 4.2
Liquid density at 21 ºC: 1.21 g/cm³
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP): 0
Global Warming Potential (GWP) over 100 years: 3400