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FM200 (HFC-227ea)

What is Hfc227ea (FM200)?

HFC-227ea (FM200) is known chemically as heptafluoropropane. It is a colorless gas that is liquified under pressure for storage. It has a low toxicity level similar to Halon 1301 and is superpressurized with Nitrogen to 24.8 bar (360 psi).

Where is HFC-227ea used?

HFC-227ea gas fire suppression systems are preferred in industrial facilities with sensitive equipment and in places such as data centers, high voltage panels, museums, and art galleries.

Physical Properties of HFC-227ea

Chemical name: Heptafluoropropane
Chemical formula: CF3CHFCF3
Compliance with ISO 14520 – TS EN 15004 and NFPA2001 standards: HFC-227ea
Molecular weight: 170
Boiling point at 1.013 bar: -16.40°C
Liquid density at 20°C: 1407 kg/m3
Critical temperature: 101.70°C
Critical pressure: 29.12 bar
Vapor pressure at 20°C: 3.91 bar
Relative dielectric strength at 1 atm: 2.0 at 25°C (N=1.0)
Maximum filling density: 1.15 kg/l
Design concentration for heptane: 9%
Overflow factor for heptane at 20°C: 0.721 kg/m3