Product Description

Characteristics :

R600a (EP600a /CARE 10/isobutane) is a single ingredient refrigerant and is used primarily in domestic refrigerators. In Europe millions of domestic fridges already use this type of refrigerant.
Primarily for use in new domestic refrigerators and freezers.
Operates at significantly lower pressures than R12 or R134a.
Possesses lower volumetric refrigerating effect than R12 or R134a.
Requires a specific R600a compressor.
Not for use as a retrofit refrigerant.
Compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants.

Purity : 99.5% ~ 99.99% Our product will improve C.O.P by 5~15% due to higher thermodynamic properties.

Charging amount can be reduced by 42-54% against CFC12 and HFC134a. Compressor noise level, also can be reduced due to lesser vapor pressure. Economical mineral oil can be used

Application Range : Domestic refrigeration, water purifier, medical aerosols, Cosmetics, Foaming agent, washing agent, G.C standard gas
Packing : 500gr/CAN, 3Kg/10 Kg/20 Kg/50 Kg Cylinder, Bulk Tank, ISO Tank Container

Physical Properties

Product EP600a R12 R134a
Chemical Type HC CFC HFC
Molecular Mass ( Kg/Kmol ) 58.1 120.9 102.0
Density ( Kg/m3 ) ★ 544.4 1310.8 1206.0
Temperature Range high, medium – –
Ozone depletion potential (CFC-11=1) 0 0.9 0
Global warming potential (CO2=1, 100yr ITH) ◇ 3 10600 1600
Normal boiling point (1.0 bar, abs) ★ 11.7℃ -29.8℃ -26.2℃
Latent heat (1.0 bar, abs) ★ 367 kJ/Kg 145 kJ/Kg 189 kJ/Kg
Toxicity None None None
Refrigerant mass charge size (R12=100%) 42% 100% 91%
Lubricant Mineral Mineral Estra