Product Description

Molecular formula: C5H10

Cyclopentane can be used as a new foaming agent for rigid polyurethane foam and can be substituted for CFCS which distroies the atmospheric ozone layer. Now it is widely used in producing non-CFCs refrigerator, freezer and cold storage and tubing insulating materials. With the coming of the deadline to use ODS by Montreal protocol; CFCs and HCFCs will prohibited soon, and cyclopentane will be play a key role in the polyurethane foam applications.
Physical features:
colorless and transparent liquid, smell like gas oil.
Boiling point(101.3kPa):
Relative density(20oC)
Flash point: -42oC
Self-burning temperature: 361oC
Explosion limit(vol)
1.4 — 8.7%
Fire hazard class
class A for anti-fire
class B for explosion-proof