Product Description

TCPP is a flame retardant of low hydrolytic stability, used in polyurethane (PU) rigid and flexible foam, PVC, EVA and phenolics and epoxy resin.

The vast majority of TCPP is used in rigid polyurethane foams. It is also used in flexible polyurethane foams for furniture and its upholstery, principally in the United Kingdom and Ireland .

TCPP is added at various points in the polyurethane supply chain:to final foam producers; to “system houses” who pre-blend and formulate ready-made systems; and to base polyol producers who may use it to reduce polyol viscosity/mobility. The use in rigid polyurethane foams may be further sub-divided into blocks and spray systems for building insulation and for refrigerator casings. Very small use of TCPP also exists in textile back-coating formulations and in certain coatings.